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Ms. Boratyn's & Ms. Stapel's Biography Project: Home

Student will research their biographical figure and create a Google Slide presentation with a Works Cited page.


Students will research a biographical figure they consider a hero and complete a Google Slide presentation, with a Works Cited page, on the person they select.

Classroom Resources

Students will take notes from their biography book and article/s on this note taking card:

Create your presentation using Google Slides. Don't forget to add your Works Cited to the last slide in your presentation.

Additional Note Taking Sheet to organize your notes & sources. Don't forget to make a copy!

Grading Rubric

Students will be graded using the following rubric:


Search your biographical figure in this database first. If your search returns no results, search the Biography in Context database.

Biography In Context Web image

Find articles, pictures, videos, audio files and much more on your biographical figure.

Biography Web Sites
Explore articles, videos, pictures and more on your selected figure.

Awesome Library
This website curates (collects) web sources on many historical and well known people.  

Collective Biographies of Women
This website contains facts and many biography articles on numerous notable women.



  • June 12th -  Project is due
  • June 18th -  Wax Museum


Ms. Stapel's Presentation Requirements