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Mr. Leahy - Hometown Hero: Ancient Greek City States Research: Home

Students will select an Ancient Greek city-state to research as supplemental material for the Hometown Hero story.


Students will research the city-state that corresponds to the god who will be their hero's parent. Students will properly cite their source/s on a Works Cited page.

Greek City States

Select one of the Greek city-states and their corresponding patron gods:

Athens (Athena)
Sparta (Ares)
Corinth (Poseidon)
Argos (Hera)
Ephesus (Artemis)
Olympia or Elis (Zeus)
Miletus (Apollo)
Messina (Hephaestus)
Cyprus (Aphrodite)

Print Books in the Library

Information to Collect

  • The founder of the city (historic, legendary or both)
  • Important or famous people who came from the city (real or legendary)
  • Location (relative and on a map)
  • Rivals or enemies of the city
  • What values did the city share with their patron god


Research "Athens", "Sparta", "Corinth","Ephesus", "Olympia (ancient site, Greece)"


Ancient Greek City States (
Research Athens, Sparta, Corinth & Argos

Ancient Greece - Greek City States (Ducksters)
Visit this website to understand the geography of the city-states

Sparta (Ancient History Encyclopedia)

Corinth (Ancient History Encyclopedia)

Argos (Ancient History Encyclopedia)

Ephesus (Ancient History Encyclopedia)

Olympia (Ancient History Encyclopedia)

Miletus (Britannica)

Cyrpus (Ancient History Encyclopedia)

Athena (Goddess of Wisdom)

Image result for athena statue

Cite your sources using