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Ms. Collin's Mammal Evolution Study: Home

Can you evolve a mammal to survive Global Warming?


Students will select a mammal to research and consider how it would evolve to survive Global Warming in the future.​

Open Worksheet> File> Make a copy

This will allow you to save the Doc 

Take notes and record your citations on the Note Taking Sheet 


Search your animal in the Britannica database

***Remember, Britannica provides you with a citation to use on your Works Cited page

Science In Context Web image

Read an article about your animal in Science in Context

***Remember, Science in Context provides you with a citation to use on your Works Cited page

Did you know your worksheet with a separate Works Cited page can count toward your Research & Information Fluency standard for the Middle School Tech Project? If you work with a partner, the worksheet could also be used for the Communication & Collaboration standards.


Wildscreen Arkive: Get a thorough description of multiple animals, and view pictures and videos of the species.

Animal Facts- National Geographic Kids: Research your animal here to get a physical description of the animal, as well as information about it's social behavior and to learn about its status on the Threatened Species list.

Animal Infobooks- SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment: Provides the readers with in-depth information about a variety of animals

Smithsonian's National Zoo: Learn about various animal's characteristics, eating habits, conservation efforts, and more


If you research a mammal using a website, make sure to create your citation(s) using Easybib:

eBooks via Biblioboard