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Greek Gods

This guide contains resources for you to further your study of Greek mythology and the gods.

Books in Print

The following books are available in the LMS library:

Web Resources

Greek-Gods.Info - This site is filled with information about major and minor Greek gods, along with articles about heroes, monsters, and Greek myths

Who Were the Ancient Greek Gods and Heroes? (BBC Bitesize) - Interactive and illustrated guides about Greek gods and Greek mythology

Theoi Greek Mythology - Everything you could possibly want to know about Greek mythology can be found at this site

Ancient Greek Gods - Read brief articles about the major Greek gods

Greek Myths - Listen to Greek mythology stories read aloud on Storynory

Greek and Roman Gods and Figures (Schmoop) - Major and minor Greek god descriptions

Greek Mythology: the Classical Gods of Ancient Greece - Informative website; fun to explore

Mr. Donn Greek Gods - Learn about Greek Gods and related characters in Greek mythology

Greek Mythology (Encyclopedia Britannica) - Greek mythology and many related links


Search "Zeus" "Hades" "Poseidon" etc. in the search bar to retrieve article results. Leveled text.

Articles and resources about Greek gods and mythology can be found in this database. Leveled text.

For detailed information about the Greek gods or Greek mythology, check out this database.

Who is Your Favorite Greek God?

Zeus: 64 votes (13.7%)
Poseidon: 140 votes (29.98%)
Hades: 144 votes (30.84%)
Hera: 22 votes (4.71%)
Athena: 20 votes (4.28%)
Aphrodite: 6 votes (1.28%)
Apollo: 7 votes (1.5%)
Demeter: 6 votes (1.28%)
Artemis: 9 votes (1.93%)
Ares: 49 votes (10.49%)
Total Votes: 467