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Gold: Forming Deposits (American Museum of Natural History) - Explanation of how lode deposits are formed in various environments.

Gold ( - Brief description about gold formation.

Where Does All the Gold Come From? ( - Learn where gold came from and why it is able to be found today.

Animated file of how gold is created  lode gold


What is Silver ( - Learn how silver is formed.

How Does Silver Form (Australian Mines Atlas) - Brief explanation of silver formation.

silver nugget


Copper (University of Waterloo) - This article provides great background knowledge about copper, including where it comes from and where it can be found.

How Copper Deposits are Formed (Australian Mines Atlas) - Brief description of copper formation

animation of copper deposit Facts About Copper

Iron Oxide

Iron Ore ( - Great summation on the origins of iron ore.

The Formation of Iron (Australian Mines Atlas) - Succinctly shares how iron oxide is developed over time.

more BIF  Image result for iron ore


Bauxite (Britannica) - Learn how bauxite ore is formed.

Bauxite ( - What is Bauxite and where is it found?

Image result for bauxite formation

Bauxite rock sample