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Internet Safety Breakout

Learning Target & Success Criteria

Learning Target: I can apply effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills...

Success Criteria: If I can:

  • Collaborate with my team to solve clues related to social netiquette.
  • Engage in whole group discussion about internet safety. What did I learn? How will I use this information?


NHES 5.8.2. Determine when health-related situations require the application of a thoughtful decision making process.

NHES 4.8.1 Apply effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills to enhance health.

6-8.CAS.a.3 Explain the connection between the persistence of data on the Internet, personal online identity, and personal privacy.

6-8.CAS.a.4 Describe and use safe, appropriate, and responsible practices (netiquette) when participating in online communities (e.g., discussion groups, blogs, social networking sites).