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Note Taking Sheet

Use the Note Taking Sheet to record information and to keep track of sources you used for research. Remember to use your own words when taking notes.

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Countries In The News: Afghanistan    Image result for 1602798273  Image result for 1595151710  


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 9781595151742: The United Kingdom (Countries in the News) (Countries in the News II)  9781602798250: It's Cool to Learn about Countries: United States of America (Social Studies Explorer)  Image result for 1610800974

Addt. Resources

Need up-to-date information on population density or other various statistics?

Search your country through Encyclopedia Britannica:


Check out these great websites:

CIA World Factbook: Choose a country to learn about its geography, people, economy, military etc.

One World: Nations Online: Select a country to learn about it's culture through a variety of curated resources

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