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Ms. Looney's Biography Project: Home

Students will create a biography presentation about a musician using Google Slides.


Students will research a musician and create a Google Slide Presentation with six slides that will include the following information:

  1. Name, Picture, and Years Lived
  2. Four Personal Facts
  3. Four Musical Facts
  4. Well-known songs, YouTube embedded
  5. Free Choice Slide
  6. Citations

Classroom Resources

Students will take notes from the database or websites on this note taking sheet:

Middle School Tech Project

Did you know the final Google Slides Biography Project (with a Works Cited slide) meets the Research & Information Fluency standard for the Middle School Tech Project? Upload it to your Tech Google Classroom when completed.


Biography In Context Web image

Find articles, pictures, videos, audio files and much more on your musician. 

Biography Web Sites
Explore articles, videos, pictures and more on your selected figure.

Awesome Library
This website curates (collects) web sources on many historical and well known people.  

Search this site to access over 30,000 biographies

Quick Links

Use Google Slides to create your presentation Find videos of your musician's most popular songs on YouTube Cite your sources using Easybib



June 8 & 9 : Project Introduced

June 12-13 : Research

June 14 : Project Due

Grading Rubric

Students will be graded using the following rubric: