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Welcome to the Leicester Middle School Library: Makerspace


Featured Donations

Makerspace @ LMS

The Leicester Middle School Library has constructed a makerspace in a small room attached to the library. A makerspace is a place for students to freely create, innovate, collaborate, and problem solve. The makerspace will have a variety of arts & crafts items, tools, legos, building materials, a sewing machine, and will incorporate a variety of technology tools to encourage students to become digital creators.

The school library is a natural place to house a creative space, due to the accessibility of resources and the flexibility of the space itself, but the overall goal is to see the library transform into a place where information is consumed to an environment where content is created. The makerspace will provide access to materials some students may not have at home in the hopes of igniting and inspiring creative pursuits.

Teachers will be able to utilize materials for curriculum connections via maker carts (supply carts that can be moved from classroom to classroom). A long term goal would be to offer after school monthly programming highlighting the materials available in the makerspace.

Makerspace Information

For more information about makerspaces and the role they can play in school libraries please visit the websites below:

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Makerspace Transformation


We are currently accepting donations for the items displayed in the flyer below. Please consider donating your unused items to help the makerspace become a lively and inspiring place for students to learn and create.

Makerspace Development Phases

  1. Develop donations list
  2. Clean and empty makerspace area
  3. Paint furniture for space
  4. Paint Space
  5. Create signage and decorations for the space
  6. Assemble shelving for makerspace
  7. Organize donations
  8. Reveal the makerspace!!
  9. Outreach for materials - ongoing
  10. Accept donations - ongoing 

Wish List

While the majority of the items in the makerspace will be recycled, there are some materials we're hoping to include in the future that will likely have to be purchased. If you're interested in purchasing any of the following items for the library makerspace please contact

Makerspace Book Wish List

I'm hoping to develop a mini collection of books focusing on makerspace/digital creation activities. Click on the book to be directed to an Amazon description and pricing of the book. If you're interested in contributing a book to this collection please contact