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Explore online resources related to fossil fuels and how they were formed over time.

Database Articles

Databases are a great place to get reliable information written and reviewed by experts in the field. Science in Context, in particular, has great info on these topics. Search using the following keywords:

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Keywords: "oil (petroleum)" "natural gas" "coal"

Keywords: "oil" "natural gas" "coal"


Coal Basics (EIA Kids): Learn how coal was formed, the various types of coal, how it is mined and consumed

Coal Explained (EIA) : Information about coal formation, as well as statistical information about the fossil fuel

Origins of Coal : A thorough explanation of how coal is formed

Coal : Scroll down to the "Origins of Coal" section heading

Coal Formation: Animation that shows how coal is formed

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Basics (EIA Kids): Learn how natural gas is formed and consumed

Natural Gas Explained (EIA): Succinct information about how the fossil fuel is formed, as well as statistical information

Natural Gas: Thorough description of how natural gas is formed; Scroll to the "How is Natural Gas Formed?" section heading

Natural Gas: Explanation of natural gas formation, as well as types of natural gas; Scroll down to view article

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Oil (petrolum) Basics (EIA kids): Plethora of information about oil, how it's formed, and how it's consumed

Oil: Crude and Petroleum Products Explained (EIA) : Learn how the fossil fuel is formed, as well as statistical information

Petroleum - Oil and Natural Gas : Extensive information about the formation of oil

Oil Formation : Animation showing how oil is formed

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General Information

The Formation of Fossil Fuels : What are fossil fuels? How are they formed? What are their characteristics? 

Fossil Fuel Formation :  Fossil fuels explained

Fossil Fuel Formation : Overview of fossil fuel development, along with an animation showing the process

Fossil Fuels : Information about fossil fuel formation with animation