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Ms. Collins: Research Your Favorite Element: Home


Design a Google Slide presentation to describe your favorite element.


  • Slide 1: Introduction to your element
  • Slide 2: An element box of your favorite element as found on the Periodic Table Image result for carbon periodic table/ Describe each feature of your element box in writing
  • Slide 3: My element on the Periodic Table
  • Slide 4: An atom of my element
  • Slide 5 +: Provide  facts about your element

Web Research

Go to these websites to find information about the Discovery, Use and Properties of your Element :

Chemical Elements ( : Click on an element to read facts about it; citation included at the bottom of the element pages.

The Periodic Table of the Elements ( : Click on the element in the Periodic Table to learn all about it.

Periodic Table (Royal Society of Chemistry): Click on an element to receive facts and additional resources about your element.

It's Elemental (Jefferson Lab): Learn about your element by selecting it from the Periodic Table.

Dynamic Periodic Table (PTable): Click on an element to get its Wikipedia entry.

Periodic Table (Lenntech): Research each element on the Periodic Table here.

Periodic Table

Image result for periodic table

Image result for element jokes

Google Slides

Image result for google slides