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Genetic Conditions: Home

Research various genetic conditions and present your findings using technology tools.


Select a genetic condition to research from the tabs above. Explore the resources provided to you and follow the instructions on this page to complete the assignment.

Tech Tools

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Using Slides or Prezi, address the following in order…

  • What is the name of the disorder?
    • Is the disorder chromosomal or genetic? (what's the difference?)
    • How is the disorder diagnosed? How does a person get the disorder?
    • Find out all the main signs and symptoms of the disorder.  
    • What is it like to have this disorder?    
  • Include related pictures, videos, anecdotes or interviews to help explain.
  • Plus any other information that you feel is important / interesting for others to know about this genetic disorder.
  • Plus any other information that you feel is important to demonstrate your understanding of 3-1 and 3-3.

Now, create a Screencastify, 3-5 minutes in length, sharing your Slides or Prezi.

Image result for genes (mutations) located on chromosomes

“Gene Mutations.” Kintalk, UCSF, 2012,

Rubric & Standards


8MS-LS3-1 & 3-3