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Mrs. Leveillee's Personal Wellness Project: Home

Research a personal wellness topic and share your findings creatively with your health class.


Students will conduct online research on their personal wellness topic and properly cite their sources on the Planning Sheet. After their research, students will creatively present their findings with the class. 

Final Project

How will you share the importance of your topic with others? Will you create a PSA commercial, a rap or song, a Quizlet Live or Kahoot? The possibilities are endless.

Need some ideas? Give these digital tools a try to complete your final project:

Create a quiz about your topic that your fellow classmates can play.

Create learning tools, including flashcards and games, about your personal wellness topic.

Share information, pictures, videos and more about your topic on a digital wall. Classmates can contribute thoughts about your research on your wall.

A presentation tool that goes beyond Google Slides with the addition of movement and other unique visual features. 


Websites are a great place to get updated information, particularly for health related topics. Put your evaluative lenses on and make sure the websites you're using are reliable, current, and related to your topic.

Google Web Search

Check out these reliable web sources to see if they have information about your personal wellness topic:


Research your personal wellness topic using these databases:

Explore a variety of topics with Research in Context, a research database geared toward middle school students. Don't forget to use keywords and spell correctly!

Encyclopedia Britannica Middle School Edition allows the researcher access to updated and reliable encyclopedia entries. Check out additional images, media, and web resources that accompany the articles.

Find articles on numerous health topics in the Gale Health and Wellness Resource Center database.

School Librarian

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Turn It In!

Don't forget to attach your final project to the Planning and Research Sheet!

Upload your Planning and Research Sheet and/or final project to the Middle School Tech Literacy Project in Google Classroom.

  • The Planning and Research Sheet can be uploaded to the Research and Information Fluency standard.
  • The final project, if you decided to use tech to complete, can be uploaded to the Creativity and Innovation standard.
  • If you worked with a partner or in a group, you could choose to upload either the Planning Sheet or the tech based final project to the Communication and Collaboration standard.