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Astronauts are the most important way we learn about the solar system. They've traveled to distant places, measured the atmosphere, and collected samples that are sent back to Earth.


Search these databases using keywords like "space telescope" "telescope" "space station" "astronaut" "space probes" for leveled articles, along with pictures and videos.

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General Information:

How Do Scientists Explore the Solar System?  - Learn about the various ways scientists have explored the solar system throughout history

Space Exploration - Explains the significance of technology and scientists to space discoveries

Space Telescopes/ Space Probes

The Hubble Space Telescope - Understand the importance of the telescope to space observation

What is the Hubble Space Telescope? - NASA explains the capabilities of the Hubble Space Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope - Explore information about the telescope that will replace Hubble

Comparing the Hubble and James Webb Telescopes - Graphic organizer showing the differences/similarities between the two space telescopes

Hubble's Top Breakthroughs - Find out the most interesting discoveries the telescope has made

The James Webb Space Telescope - The Webb Telescope will do amazing things. Read more about it here.

Meet the Space Telescope Remapping Our Night Sky - Read about the Gaia telescope and the images it's sending back to Earth

Ground Telescopes

What is ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array)? - Learn about the world' largest observatory, consisting of 66 telescopes

Earth-Based Observations - View pictures and read about the earliest space discoveries from Earth

Telescope Types - Learn about the various types of telescopes and the jobs they perform

Iconic Arecibo Observatory Saved From Demolition - Though the article talks about a specific radio telescope, the article outlines some of the major benefits of earth-bound telescopes

Telescopes - Describes the types/functions of telescopes on Earth


Astronauts: Weightless Science - What do astronauts do in space? Find out here. 

Working in Space - More information on what astronauts do in space

What Does an Astronaut Do? - Read about the types of astronauts

Astronauts: Facts - Informative article about human space exploration

Spacewalks - What is the purpose of a spacewalk?

Space Station

Space Stations: Columbus - Learn about some of experiments that take place on space stations

What is the International Space Station? - NASA explains the purpose of space stations

International Space Station - Importance of the space station explained

Six Months Aboard the International Space Station - Brief article describing the space station and the experiments taking place there

ISS Benefits for Humanity - Learn about the benefits of the international space station

Space Probes (Interplanetary, Orbiters, and Landers)

Space Probes - Find out what a space probe does

Space Probes - Learn about space probes; don't forget to click on the "Questions" tab for more information

Space Exploration Probes: Missions to the Solar System - Why send out space probes?

Rovers - Learn more about rovers that have been sent to space

Landers - What is the purpose of a lander?

Orbiters - Explore examples of orbiters and their missions

Countdown to Cassini's Grand Finale - Learn about the Cassini spacecraft and the information it sent back to Earth about Saturn


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What do you think is the most important way we learn about the solar system?
Astronauts: 34 votes (22.97%)
Space Telescopes: 12 votes (8.11%)
Ground Telescopes: 21 votes (14.19%)
Space Probes: 33 votes (22.3%)
Space Station: 48 votes (32.43%)
Total Votes: 148