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Welcome to the Leicester Middle School Library: Evaluating Websites



Developed by the Meriam Library at California State University, Chico, the CRAAP Test is a method that will assist you in evaluating resources to see if they are a good fit for your research project. There are five different criteria you can consider when evaluating a source:

Currency - When was the source created or last updated?

Relevance - Does the source provide you with enough information on your topic?

Authority - Is the author an expert on the topic you're researching?

Accuracy - Is the information correct?

Purpose - Why was the information created?

Easybib Website Evaluator

Use the Easybib Website Evaluator to help you decide if the website you're considering is reliable.

Website Evaluation

Assess These Websites

Domain Extensions

  • commercial website
  • businesses, individuals, and non-profits can create them
  • Sometimes they are and sometimes they're not. Use the CRAAP test to evaluate .coms carefully
  • educational websites sponsored by higher education institutions
  • They are generally considered credible websites
  • organization websites, often non-profit
  • They can have great information, however the information can be skewed to represent the organization's agenda. 
  • government websites
  • Information shared by the government is considered reliable
  • websites that belong to a specific network
  • Many types of websites fall under this category and all need to be analyzed for credibility.


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During the website evaluation, which criteria did you find most difficult to locate?
Currency: 6 votes (8.22%)
Relevance: 5 votes (6.85%)
Authority: 29 votes (39.73%)
Accuracy: 21 votes (28.77%)
Purpose: 12 votes (16.44%)
Total Votes: 73

Learning Target & Success Criteria

Learning Target:

  • I can analyze information on websites to discern the reliability of the source.

Success Criteria: 

  • I will have met the Learning Target when I have properly used the CRAAP Method to evaluate a website.