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Mr. Lemerise - Civil War Biographies: Home

Use this guide to locate resources for your Civil War biography project.


Create a digital representation of knowledge explaining in detail an important person's life from the time period around the Civil War. You must create either a Google Slideshow or a Google Webpage using Google Sites. If you choose to supplement your digital work with a poster board, or other type of project, you may.

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Clara Barton


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Google Sites

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Google Slides


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Search for your historical figure in Gale in Context: Biography. Receive results for encyclopedia articles, images, videos, recordings, primary sources, newspaper articles, magazine articles and more.
Don't forget - the articles give you a completed citation!

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Search your historical figure's name in Britannica School Edition. You can change the Reading Level to 1, 2 or 3 (depending on the article). 
Don't forget - the articles give you a completed citation!

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Search your figure's name in Kids Infobits for brief articles on your historical figure. 
Don't forget - the articles give you a completed citation!

Print Resources

Check the library catalog to see if our school library has a book about your historical figure.


Search the Leicester Public Library and C/W Mars to see if they have a book on your historical figure.

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Abraham Lincoln


Civil War Figures (Biography): Find and select your historical figure to receive an in-depth article on your individual.

The Civil War: People (National Park Service): Biographical articles organized by historical figure's profession.

The Civil War: Biographies (PBS): Civil War figures organized by North, South, and Civilians.

Civil War Biographies (Encyclopedia Britannica Web): Find detailed articles about Civil War figures.

The American Civil War for Kids (Ducksters): Find biography articles on well-known figures from the Civil War era.